Take The Mystery Out Of Choosing Your Golf Balls With Forté

Most golf balls on the market are for the pros. Australian company Forté Golf does something different – it helps recreational players find a golf ball designed specifically for them. Never mindlessly grab a box off the shelf again.

Recently, the good folks over at Forté Golf sent me several boxes of golf balls, which I promptly handed out to fellow recreational golfers of various skill levels. Of course, I kept a box for myself too. And I decided on which box to keep by getting custom fit directly from the Forté website: https://fortegolf.com.au/pages/golf-ball-fitting.

Below are a few stinky golfer reviews stemming from my handouts:

Stinky Golfer Matt – El Dorado Hills, CA. Handicap: 10

I normally play Bridgestone 330 RXS’s, so that was my point of comparison. Overall, I’d give solid scores across all categories for the Forté (maybe 4 out of 5 for distance, feel, and

Forté Golf’s Six-Layer Ball

performance). I’d give them a 5 for durability though. Not one scratch on any of them, and I gave them plenty opportunities to get scuffed up. It had a unique (but not bad) feel. Kind of dull, but not in a bad way. The one other thing I noticed that may or may not bug someone – the logo on the side of the ball is in cursive, so depending if you use that logo to line up and/or use it as a general line to where you’re putting, it’s not the easiest on the eye. All in all, I’d play them again.

Stinky Golfer Walt – Philadelphia, PA. Handicap: 25+

Used the Forté balls [during my round] today. Like other reviews said, they feel harder and do make a click sound. I didn’t mind it though. And I do have to say, when I had a good swing and struck it clean they take off. And I want to say that they did fly a bit straighter. I’ll try them again.

Stinky Golfer Greg – New Haven, CT. Handicap: 18

Forté APEX 6 Golf Ball

Boy did I play well with the Forté golf ball – in fact, it was one of my best rounds ever! Of course, it’s impossible to say my golf ball was the main reason. But my drives, irons and putting were all on target that day, which is a rarity. Plus, I too agree with Stinky Golfer Matt that the balls are extremely durable – my ball survived all 18-holes without scuffing! And while I realize this was only one round,  I’ll certainly be playing the Forté ball again.

So the results are in from three varying levels of recreational golfer and all give a thumbs up to the Forté Golf ball. Which, I’ll admit had me a bit surprised – it’s not often you can get golfers to agree – especially on their choice of ball. For me, at least, I’ve found my new golf ball for the foreseeable future.

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